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Shipping   Automobile industry   Other Industries
  • Electricity

    1. Control, power or distribution electrical projects, cable trays layout, distribution switchboards manufacturing.

    2. Automation and industrial control projects, alarms panels and power management systems

  • Fluids installation

    1. Hot water and Cold water

    2. Radiators heating system

    3. Air Conditioning (FAN COILS)

    4. Water pipes in saline environment (vessels.)

    5. Industrial applications (compressed air networks, vacuum networks unit, water cooling installations...)

  •   Other services

    1. Crane operator

    2. Lifting platform operator

    3. Works and industrial facilities cleaning

    4. Vessel scaffolding assistance

  • Vehicles electronic devices assembly.

  • Mechanical works and direct electrical and fluids supply up to machines, tuning and start-up installations.

  • Productive line side process design and assistance:

    1. Specific lighting

    2. Suitable level platforms for operators

    3. Hoist process assistance

    4. Balancers installation in order to improve ergonomics

    5. Small tools manufacturing in addition to the automatic means that supply the production line such as pieces dispensers

    6. Small conveyor string units in order to improve means adaptation to workers


SOLEM is provided with the needed devices and human resources to carry out the following works:

  • General Electrical Maintenance

  • Access control devices installion

    1. Turnstiles, rotatory gates, access gates

    2. Gates automatic opening, barriers

  • CCTV and alarm systems implementation

    1. Digital recording

    2. Remote sight

    3. Wired and / or perimeter devices systems

  • P/A (public-address) systems installations

  •  Other services

    1. Civil works

    2. Forklift truck operator

    3. Works and facilities cleaning